Weekly Email Banner Ad – Month By Month


Have your banner ad show up in our weekly email. Emails come out Tuesday and Thursday, and you can choose which day you would like to be in.

The ad will run for the month and link to your site of choice.

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You can upload your banner ad during check out or when we receive your order we will email you for your banner ad.

  • Send creative files attached, not embedded.
  • We accept creative from most major ad serving networks (please inquire). 3rd party tags must be live at the time of submission to enable thorough testing before launch.
  • All creatives must have a minimum 1-pixel border.
  • Submission Lead-Time: 5 business days
  • Flash is not a recommended format as major browsers no longer support this file type.

Additional information

Tuesday or Thursday

Chose which day you'd like to sponsor. The emails come out Tuesday and Thursday.

Banner Ad Size

Desktop size is 728 x 90
Mobile size will be proportionally reduced by the device.

Supported Ad Formats

.gif, .png, jpg